Rolling mill


With reference to our continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, Al Watania Steel for sections has established their facility and designed it with the most improved high-tech machines.


Improving the technology used will lead to smooth performance, which are our raw material, it is exported from one of the biggest billet makers companies in the world, NUCOR TRADING COMPANY located in America.


We are in continuous cooperation with NUCOR-SWITZERLAND.


As for the machines and devices used in our rolling mill, these are supplied from Italy & America, because the Italian and the American technologies have a great reputation regarding the steel manufacturing business.


Our suppliers are: STS, AIC, Comsider and Morgan.






These machines include:

  1. Pusher type reheating furnace with automatic temperature control
  2. Roughing mill 6 stands + shear
  3. Intermediate mill repeater + 4 stands + shear
  4. Pre-finishing mill 6 stands 3 + loopers
  5. Finishing mill: High speed bock 10 stands
  6. Water box QTB water quenching treatment to insure high quality for rebars
  7. Cooling bed and finishing area including bar counter
  8. Modern laboratory including spectrometer for chemical analysis, Universal testing, machine and rib measurement device
  9. Modern water treatment plant
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