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Quality Control (QC)


Our Laboratory


Since high quality is our most important aim to deliver to the customers, our laboratory is designated with high-tech machines, these machines are:


 1. ARL iSpark Optical Emission 8820 Machine (Made in Switzerland)

 2. Rebar Bending and Re-bending Machine

 3. Mechanical Testing Machine


The Comprehensive nature of the quality control scheme ensures that reinforcing steel supplied to the construction industry consistently satisfies the requirements of the product standard and is fully traceable from start to finish.




A contractor receiving reinforcing steel from Al Watania Steel for sections can use the material with full confidence that it complies with the requirements of the product standard and without the need for any further product testing or verification.


All produced material is labeled and supplied with the necessary documentation to enable the products to be traced after being sold. Additionally all our products can be identified by W.QATAR bas mark rolled into the bar at intervals not exceeding 15 meters.



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