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Recently, the State of Qatar is witnessing a huge renaissance in the industrial and constructional sectors that is encouraged by the wise policy of His Highness, The Ruler of the State, Prince Tameem Bin Hamad al Thani and his government.


For the sake of this huge industrial revolution, different industries were introduced and took place in the State of Qatar. One of the most important industries is the production of reinforcement  steel used in constructions.

This type of industry has the following advantages on the industrial growth. This can be seen thru:


1. The development of the steel manufacturing which is followed by the production of different products which are dependent on the steel materials, such as the manufacturing of cars and equipment.


2. The development of small industries that are related to the steel manufacturing (reinforcement steel and wire steel)


3. Meeting the increased demand on high quality reinforcement steel ordered by different construction companies



For the accomplishment of the ambitious strategy for Al Watania Steel for Sections Company that complies with the economical vision of Qatar State, the first step was taken and a factory for producing rebars was established with a production capacity (in 2011) that reached 300,000 tons/Year. In June 2013, the production officially started.


Also another factory will be introduced in the early 2015 that is a factory for producing steel coils with different dimensions. With a production capacity that reaches 360.000 Tons/Year.


Noticing that this kind of production is not yet introduced in the State of Qatar.

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